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Why does your dog behave perfectly for the trainer at a class but when home is a handful


It only means that your dog was trained to perform in one environment and not coached to be a great part of your family in your home.


At the Canine Life Coach, we take a different approach to dog care and training. Every dog and family situation is different and we know how to look at your dog as a unique and beloved part of your family


With our holistic approach of positive reinforcement, we can coach your dog to be the best in your home and with your family

We are Canine Life Coaches

The Canine Life Coach knows how to customize our coaching to meet each client's unique needs, home situation and time limits. For us, the end goal is to tap into your dog's intelligence to develop a thinking dog that has self-control and manners while giving your family the skills to continue to foster and reinforce our dog's great new behavior. We come to your home to assess your unique situation and develop an individualized training plan to help the whole family know how to successfully integrate your dog into the household



Do any of these situations apply to your household?

•Are you seeing signs of Separation Anxiety? Has your life started to return to pre-covid usual?

  • Do you have adolescent dog that is acting up and forgetting all his manors?

• Do you have a senior dog with new problems brought on by age?

• Are you bringing a new puppy into the house?

• Are you introducing a new animal into an established hierarchy?


For each situation, we will work with the whole family teaching the importance of

consistently reinforcing the good behaviors that will result harmonious home for all.

Certified and Licensed to Succeed

• Director of Behavior and Training providing Service Dogs for Type 1 Diabetics

• California State Licensed Guide Dog Trainer

• Graduate of the Canine Behavior Academy, Novato, CA

• Member of the Trainers Association of Pet Dog

• Licensed and Insured

• Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

• Certified in pet CPR


Nationally Recognized as Leader in Dog Training and Being a Momprenuer

• National Public Radio's Marketplace Money

• Contra Costa Times

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